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Every year 100s of thousands of pounds of Hemp and Cannabis go unused. Because Aroma & Flavor are so important to the end user, products that do not meet certain criteria in these areas are often considered low quality. Farmers, retail shops & 

wholesale distributors are often left at a loss when terpene profiles & moisture levels degrade over time or were never present to begin with.


Currently businesses are forced to utilize expensive & time consuming processes to salvage previously top shelf products by converting them to low yield

oils & extracts. We recognize that this degradation can put large & small operations in jeopardy in an industry already prone to volatile pricing, dry seasons & shortages.

Here at Cure Egg we aim to solve these issues by not only increasing the shelf life of at risk products but by providing a way for companies & end users to enhance their products aromatic & flavor profiles completely giving the user full control of their production output & processes.

This is the future of product reclamation & preservation.

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